Not long until Drupal 10

I was surprised to see this week that it’s only two months until Drupal 10 is released (14th December 2022).

I’m starting a new Drupal development project in December so will be looking to get that on Drupal 10 as soon as possible.

From the client’s perspective, getting their new project on Drupal 10 and them not needing to upgrade from D9 in the future is a big plus, even if the code differences between D9 and D10 are not that big - similar to Drupal 8 and 9.

As a module maintainer, it’s been great to again see issues being created with automated Drupal 10 compatibility patches - thanks to Rector.

It’s great to see these regular updates and new versions of Drupal, but also for the PHP language, with PHP 7 being end-of-life next month.

It’s a big difference compared to the long-term releases that we had for Drupal 6 and 7, and PHP 5, but one that I definitely prefer.