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Tailwind CSS workshop recording

At Saturday's hackathon that I mentioned in yesterday's email, most of the squads decided to try Tailwind CSS in their applications.

I've been using Tailwind since it was released, and first gave a Tailwind CSS talk in January 2018.

It's one of my most popular talks and, during COVID lockdowns, I also gave a workshop/webinar on Tailwind CSS for some online conferences.

Here's a recording of the session I gave for DrupalCamp Florida, in which I cover some Tailwind CSS concepts and show how to install and customise Tailwind before rebuilding the Florida DrupalCamp website live.

If this helps anyone on their Tailwind CSS learning journey, please reply and let me know!

- Oliver

P.S. If you'd like your own workshop on Tailwind CSS, Drupal, automated testing or something else, I offer private talks and workshops and team coaching or, if you need something more hands-on, monthly Drupal development subscriptions.

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