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Speaking at PHP Oxford

I attended the relaunched PHP Oxford user group meetup this evening, organised by Humand Talent.

I gave the short version of my talk on the Build Configs tool I've built and used to manage multiple projects' configuration files.

As it was a shorter talk, I didn't show the internals slides I did remotely for PHP Muninch on Tuesday evening.

However, if anyone wants to see the full slides that show some of the Build Configs code, they are online.

As well as the Drupal, Fractal, Drupal Commerce Kickstart and Drupal LocalGov examples on GitHub, I created Symfony and Laravel examples that are still unreleased in private repositories. I plan on reviewing those, making them public soon and continuing to iterate on and improve the Build Configs tool itself - making it more valuable to me and my customers and clients.

- Oliver

P.S. If you're creating a new Drupal module, try my free Drupal module template.

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