In less than 12 months, Drupal 7 will be end-of-life and no longer supported. Plan your upgrade to Drupal 10 now.

Reducing complexity makes contribution easier

This week, I spoke with Mark Conroy for an upcoming episode of the Beyond Blocks podcast.

We discussed his approach to removing front-end build tools from projects, including the LocalGov Drupal base theme.

Doing this removes dependencies such as Sass and tools like Webpack but also makes it easier for others to contribute as there's less to learn.

The barrier to entry is lower.

This is a big advantage in the open-source space and for companies and project teams.

Having simpler code and fewer tools makes it easier for others to understand and work on your codebase, making them productive sooner.

- Oliver

P.S. Are you still using Drupal 7 and don’t know what’s involved to upgrade to Drupal 10? Book a Drupal 7 upgrade consultation call or an upgrade roadmap.

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