Create a Zen Sub-theme Using Drush

6th September 2013

First, download the Zen theme if you haven't already done so.

$ drush dl zen

This will now enable you to use the "drush zen" command.

$ drush zen "Oliver Davies" oliverdavies --description="A Zen sub-theme for" --without-rtl

The parameters that I'm passing it are:

  1. The human-readable name of the theme.
  2. The machine-readable name of the theme.
  3. The description of the theme (optional).
  4. A flag telling Drush not to include any right-to-left elements within my sub-theme as these aren't needed (optional).

This will create a new theme in sites/all/themes/oliverdavies.

For further help, type $ drush help zen to see the Drush help page for the zen command.

Questions? Comments? I’m @opdavies on Twitter.

About the Author

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Oliver Davies is a Web Developer, System Administrator and Drupal specialist based in the UK. He is a Senior Developer at Microserve and also provides freelance consultancy services for Drupal, Symfony and Laravel applications and Linux servers.


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