Using Remote Files when Developing Locally with Stage File Proxy Module

Posted: 20th November 2014

Tags: drupal, drupal-planet, servers

Download the Stage File Proxy module from and enable it on your site.

As this module is only going to be needed on pre-production sites, it would be better to configure this within your settings.php or settings.local.php file. We do this using the $conf array which removes the need to configure the module through the UI and store the values in the database.

// File proxy to the live site.
$conf['stage_file_proxy_origin'] = '';

// Don't copy the files, just link to them.
$conf['stage_file_proxy_hotlink'] = TRUE;

// Image style images are the wrong size otherwise.
$conf['stage_file_proxy_use_imagecache_root'] = FALSE;

If the origin site is not publicly accessible yet, maybe it's a pre-live or staging site, and protected with a basic access authentication, you can include the username and password within the origin URL.

$conf['stage_file_proxy_origin'] = '';

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