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Hi, I'm Oliver Davies, a Web Developer and System Administrator based in Newport, South Wales. I specialise in PHP development with Drupal and Sculpin, and Linux system administration. I’m also currently learning Symfony2 framework and Silex.

You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can view my code on Drupal.org and GitHub.

I’m currently a Senior Developer at Microserve - a specialist Drupal development agency based in Bristol. I previously worked for the Drupal Association, and for other UK agencies such as Precedent and Nomensa, in permanent and contract positions.

I still occasionally work on freelance projects in my spare time - please get in touch for any more information.

I'm a contributor to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 core, as well as to other open-source projects including COD (the conference organising distribution, built on Drupal), Sculpin (a static site generator written in PHP), various Puppet modules and Ansible roles, and the Drupal VM project.

I maintain several contrib projects on Drupal.org, and have contributed to numerous others - including several relating to Drupal.org itself, such as Bluecheese (the Drupal.org theme) and the Drupal.org customisations module.

I mentor new Drupal contributors online and in person at local sprints, DrupalCamps and DrupalCons, and have helped several new contributors to get their first commits to Drupal core.

I'm also the Git Documentation Maintainer for the Drupal project, and a provisional member of the Drupal Security team.

I organise Drupal user group events such as talk nights and code sprints in South Wales and Bristol, and am a founding DrupalCamp Bristol organising committee member. I also regularly attend and speak at other meetups and conferences related to Drupal, PHP, Linux, DevOps, and web deveopment and accessibility.

Drupal Association

Drupal Association Individual Member

DrupalCon Barcelona

I’m attending DrupalCon Barcelona.


Not available for day contract work.

Limited availability for weekend/evening freelance work.