Oliver Davies - Software Developer and Consultant, PHP and Drupal specialist

Picture of Oliver

Hi, I’m Oliver. I’m a Full Stack Software Consultant based in South Wales in the UK.

I architect, develop, and consult on large web applications, and work with organisations, agencies, and freelance Developers to improve their code quality by using tools and workflows such as continuous integration and deployment, automated testing, test-driven development, and static analysis.

I have years of software development and Drupal experience, have worked for the Drupal Association, and am an Acquia-certified Drupal expert. I also work with complementary technologies such as Symfony, Vue.js, TypeScript, Docker, and Ansible.

I enjoy writing and contributing open-source code which you can find on my Drupal.org and GitHub profiles.

I regularly present talks and workshops at user groups and conferences and am the organiser of the PHP South Wales user group.

Contact me if you’d like any more information or to discuss a project.