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A weekly podcast about Drupal, open-source, and related software development topics.

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Episode 16: Health, fitness and weight loss with Simon Graham

This week, Oliver discusses health, fitness and weight loss with Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach, Simon Graham.

Listen now to episode 16 with Simon Graham

Episode 15: Domain-Driven Design with Rob Allen

This week, Oliver discusses Domain-Driven Design with PHP UK speaker, Rob Allen.

Listen now to episode 15 with Rob Allen

Episode 14: Diffy and Visual Regression Testing with Yuri Gerasymov

This week, Oliver discusses visual regression testing and Diffy with Yuri Gerasymov.

Listen now to episode 14 with Yuri Gerasymov

Episode 13: Centarro and Drupal Commerce with Ryan Szrama

This week, Oliver is joined by Ryan Szrama, CEO of Centarro, to discuss Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart, Mario Kart and the dreaded cache_form table.

Listen now to episode 13 with Ryan Szrama

Episode 12: Docker with Nick Janetakis

This week, Oliver is joined by Nick Janetakis - a Software Developer, Docker Captain and Teacher who focuses on building and deploying web apps - to discuss Docker, content creation and more.

Listen now to episode 12 with Nick Janetakis

Episode 11: Build something useful in one day with Mark Conroy

This week, Oliver is joined by Mark Conroy - Director of Development at Annertech - to discuss all things front-end and how to build something useful in one day.

Listen now to episode 11 with Mark Conroy

Episode 10: Twig, Symfony and SymfonyCasts with Ryan Weaver

This week, Oliver is joined by Ryan Weaver - Symfony Developer, Symfony core team member and Writer for SymfonyCasts to discuss the recent developments in Twig templates, SymfonyCasts, release cycles, and similarities between the Drupal and Symfony projects and communities.

Listen now to episode 10 with Ryan Weaver

Episode 9: The Drupal Association with Tim Lehnen

This week, Oliver is joined by Tim Lehnen - the CTO of the Drupal Association.

They discuss what is the Drupal Association is and does, how companies and individuals can contribute and support the Association, some recent and upcoming improvements to, Drupal 7's end-of-life, and more.

Listen now to episode 9 with Tim Lehnen

Episode 8: Violinist and automation with Eirik Morland

Oliver and Eirik Morland discuss automated dependency updates with Violinist, PHP and Composer, why automation is good, and focusing on providing value for clients and customers.

Listen now to episode 8 with Eirik Morland

Episode 7: Testing Legacy with Mike Karthauser

Oliver and Mike discuss e-commerce, legacy code, technical debt, automated testing, test-driven development, refactoring, code vs. no-code solutions, and Mike's recent talk at PHP South West in Bristol.

Listen now to episode 7 with Mike Karthauser

Episode 6: TUIs, CLIs and open-source with Dan Leech

In this week's episode, Oliver is joined by Dan Leech to discuss building command-line applications and TUIs with PHP based on Dan's open-source projects - Phpactor, PHPBench and, most recently, PHP-TUI.

Listen now to episode 6 with Dan Leech

Episode 5: Managing technical debt with Dieter Blomme

Listen now to episode 5 with Dieter Blomme

Episode 4: A case study from Oxfam with Ed Crompton

Listen now to episode 4 with Ed Crompton

Episode 3: Community engagement for non-technical Drupal enthusiasts with Niklas Franke

This week, Oliver is joined by Niklas Franke to discuss DrupalCon Lille, contributing to Drupal as a non-technical enthusiast, the Splash Awards and the Drupal community in Germany.

Listen now to episode 3 with Niklas Franke

Episode 2: Drupal's Alternate Realities with Panagiotis Moutsopoulos

In this episode, Oliver is joined by Panagiotis Moutsopoulos to discuss about the whole first-time DrupalCon experience of Lille (France) and more specifically, his session Drupal’s Alternate Realities A BoF session presenting some history but mainly the different ways to tackle a problem in Drupal using different methodologies.

Listen now to episode 2 with Panagiotis Moutsopoulos

Episode 1: Retrofit with Matt Glaman

In this episode, Oliver is joined by Matt Glaman to discuss Retrofit. A tool that makes it easier to upgrade Drupal websites by allowing legacy Drupal code to run on any version of Drupal.

Listen now to episode 1 with Matt Glaman