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The Beyond Blocks podcast

A weekly podcast about Drupal, open-source, and related software development topics.

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Episode 4 - A case study from Oxfam with Ed Crompton

Episode 3 - Community engagement for non-technical Drupal enthusiasts with Niklas Franke

This week, Oliver is joined by Niklas Franke to discuss DrupalCon Lille, contributing to Drupal as a non-technical enthusiast, the Splash Awards and the Drupal community in Germany.

Episode 2 - Drupal's Alternate Realities with Panagiotis Moutsopoulos

In this episode, Oliver is joined by Panagiotis Moutsopoulos to discuss about the whole first-time DrupalCon experience of Lille (France) and more specifically, his session Drupal’s Alternate Realities A BoF session presenting some history but mainly the different ways to tackle a problem in Drupal using different methodologies.

Episode 1 - Retrofit with Matt Glaman

In this episode, Oliver is joined by Matt Glaman to discuss Retrofit. A tool that makes it easier to upgrade Drupal websites by allowing legacy Drupal code to run on any version of Drupal.