Episode 13: Centarro and Drupal Commerce with Ryan Szrama

This week, Oliver is joined by Ryan Szrama, CEO of Centarro, to discuss Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart, Mario Kart and the dreaded cache_form table.

Key points

  • eCommerce, Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.
  • How Commerce Guys started.
  • How Ryan started in the eCommerce space.
  • The origins of Drupal Commerce and Commerce Guys.
  • Commerce Kickstart.


  • The best code isn't the most novel or most compact, it's the most easily readable and easily extendable (RS).
  • My only resource for learning PHP was php.net (RS)
  • I'm a self-taught Developer or community-taught, I suppose (OD).
  • Porting osCommerce into Drupal, which became Ubercart (RS).
  • Do we do this in Ubercart and Drupal 6 that we know works, or this new thing that was Drupal Commerce in Drupal 7 (OD).
  • It was built in Ubercart and was in production until quite recently, considering we're in 2024 (OD).
  • Once you get thoroughly entrenched in a platform, the cost to re-platform outweighs the cost of maintaining it in-house (RS).
  • If there's 10,000 of anybody, they're going to want to pay for support (RS).
  • How do we convince them to invest in an upgrade that doesn't see them jettison Drupal entirely? (RS)
  • One thing I like about Drupal Commerce is its flexibility. (OD)
  • It doesn't need to be a t-shirt or book shop. You can do some outside the box things with it. (OD)
  • Being a native extension of Drupal has a lot more advantages and pros than cons. (RS)
  • Ubercart was more "batteries included" and "this is what it does", whereas Drupal Commerce is more flexible and although it requires a bit more setup to begin with, you can plug it together the way you want to. (OD)
  • Our vision was to go the next step of getting off the Drupal island. (RS)
  • The Commerce Addressing library is now over 17,000,000 downloads. (OD)
  • Composer allowed us to separate our projects and separate our concerns. (RS)
  • Do you know when you should not use Views and when you decouple that component and use JavaScript and the REST API? (RS)
  • If we can reduce the number of times introduce those kinds of problems, that's how I would certify somebody. (RS)

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