Products and Services

Drupal development subscription - from £5,000 per month

In less time than it takes to post on a job board, and for a fraction of the cost, get unlimited access to a certified Drupal development expert, core contributor and multiple-time DrupalCon speaker for a fixed monthly fee. No surprises. Cancel anytime.

Drupal upgrade roadmap - £5,000

Are you stuck on an already or soon-to-be unsupported version of Drupal? Get a personalised roadmap of your Drupal website, including details and actionable steps to upgrade it.

Diagnosis - £2,500

An in-depth investigation into a single issue where I'll provide a report with my findings and advice on the next steps. Once you've purchased, you can book a Zoom call with me to discuss what you want me to investigate.

Private talk or workshop - from £2,000

If you found one of my public speaking presentations or workshops useful, I'm available for private speaking engagements on a variety of topics to help your team succeed.

1-on-1 consulting call - £350

Book a 1-on-1 video call, and I can help you by answering questions about software development, architecture and automation, helping you write your first automated test, or reviewing some of your code and giving advice and suggestions.

Pair program with me - £499

Would you like another pair of eyes on your code, providing real-time suggestions and feedback rather than waiting for a code review? Book a 2-hour pair programming call and we can work on your code together.

Introduction to Automated Testing in Drupal - 10-day email course - free!

Register for my free email course on automated testing in Drupal.

Drupal module template - free!

If you're creating a new Drupal module, try starting with my free module template for Drupal 9 and 10.

About me

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I'm an Acquia-certified Drupal Triple Expert with 17 years of experience, an open-source software maintainer and Drupal core contributor, public speaker, live streamer, and host of the Beyond Blocks podcast.