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Pair program with me

Are you stuck adding a new feature or fixing a bug?

Do you need help starting a new Drupal module or theme?

Would you like another pair of eyes on your code, providing real-time suggestions and feedback rather than waiting for a code review?

Book a pair programming session

What if you could have a pair programming session with a Lead Developer and Drupal Expert with 16 years of professional experience?

Book a 2-hour pair programming call, and we can work on your code together - adding new functionality, fixing bugs, writing tests for existing code, or something else.

Price: £499

What others have said

Oliver’s approach to testing is a continual reminder of his commitment to delivering high-quality, bug-free, software.

Mike Karthauser - Senior Software EngineerPhoto of Mike Karthauser

I've wanted to explore testing for a while, but as a PHP developer with 10 years of Drupal experience who'd written next to no tests, I really needed guidance. Oliver's expertise in testing and TDD motivated me to seek his help.

Before our call, I'd started writing tests for my modules but needed direction, understanding the code to a degree but needing help with approach. Oliver clarified both unit and integration testing, providing solutions for my challenges, and shared his code for inspiration and help. He also gave me ideas on how to utilise contrib code to help me further.

Consulting with an expert, I gained the clarity and confidence I needed in tackling testing with structured, maintainable practices. Oliver's adaptability and tailored services make him highly recommendable.

Thanks, Oliver - I feel empowered and know exactly what approach to take now!

I've worked with Oliver for a number of years on B2C and B2B web projects and he has always demonstrated himself to be an expert in his field.

As an insurance provider, some of our products and services don't naturally fit within a traditional ecommerce journey - but Oliver has always been able to come up with innovative ways to leverage core Drupal functionality and develop custom modules to meet our needs.

Friendly, flexible and diligent – I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oliver to anyone looking for a Drupal developer to progress their next project.

For over a decade we have worked with Oliver on a number of different projects. Initially our collaboration consisted of web maintenance and troubleshooting but we soon tapped Oliver to design, build and maintain a custom awards site which includes both submission and judging functionality. Oliver has deep and wide-ranging skills and I would certainly recommend his services!

Working with Oliver on the Seren website has been easy and beneficial.

As well as providing general maintenance support, he built a new Drupal module which integrated with our partners Glassboxx so that we could sell ebooks directly from our website. Oliver worked closely with the team at Glassboxx to create the integration which needed to communicate with the Glassboxx app so that users could download their purchases. He was able to resolve issues which came up along the way in order to create a functioning module which we now use on our site.

Oliver has extensive knowledge of Drupal and his familiarity with the Seren site meant he was able to fix problems quickly and efficiently as they arose.

He is reliable and has always been willing to discuss new ideas for how the site could function.

We would recommend working with him for his invaluable knowledge and ability to find solutions to problems at short notice. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the years.

Oliver is a pleasure to work with, and I would engage him again without hesitation. He communicates regularly, ensures that he meets requirements, and suggests improvements to the potential solutions to the brief.

A fantastic and highly knowledgeable Drupal Developer. Oliver saved a struggling Drupal project with his wealth of Drupal experience.

Adam Cuddihy - Web Development ManagerPhoto of Adam Cuddihy

I had the pleasure of working with Oliver whilst building the first version of our drupal based intranet. His knowledge of Drupal and the wider infrastructure required to run a site was really invaluable.

At the time, we were very new to Drupal, so it gave us a great platform to learn from and expand our own knowledge.

He's the only external contractor that we've kept in touch with over the years, which goes to show how much we valued his input.

Oliver really knows his stuff. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your knowledge to the next level, his patient and clear way of explaining will help get you there.

Scott Euser - Head of Web DevelopmentPhoto of Scott Euser

Oliver was great to work with. He has expert knowledge with Drupal and delivered exactly what we were looking for on time. He's understanding, friendly and easy to get along with. I would enjoy working with him again in the future.

Brian Hartwell - Interactive Creative Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Oliver on several projects at Microserve. He is a natural innovator and a great mentor who inspires others to explore new technologies and approaches. He is a highly knowledgeable professional with a passion for all things Drupal and the tenacity required to get the job done well.

Alan Hatch - Senior Drupal Developer at MicroservePhoto of Alan Hatch

Oliver has been an outstanding contributor to the Drupal Association team. He is a talented developer who writes great code and applies his curiosity and love of learning to every project. He is also a fantastic team member, who gives to the team as much as he gets.

Oliver is the embodiment of everything good about the Drupal community.

Oliver is a skilled Drupal developer with a passion for the Drupal community. As his direct supervisor, I was able to watch Oliver grow with the Drupal Association and contribute an amazing amount of effort and integrity to all of his work.

Everything we have thrown at Oliver, he has approached with an open and flexible mind that has allowed him to work on a wide range of projects and features for Drupal products.

Oliver was fantastic to work with - pro-active and highly responsive, he worked well remotely and as part of a project team. His understanding of the project requirement(s) and ability to translate it into working code was essential and he delivered.

Brian Healy - Director of Business Development at TincanPhoto of Brian Healy

Oliver is an amazing colleague, he's professional, full of knowledge and I could not recommend him more.

Chris Jarvis - Developer at MicroservePhoto of Chris Jarvis

Oliver is seasoned Drupal and all round highly skilled and experienced web developer. I have worked with Oliver on an important project where he was reliable, prompt and ensured strict client deadline delivery and confidentiality at all times.

Daniel Easterbrook - Digital Strategy Consultant

We have only worked together for a short while but I can see Oliver is a Drupal expert.

His technical knowledge means we have been able to make improvements to the sites we manage quickly and efficiently.

If we have complex issues to contend with in the future I feel confident he will be able to deal with them.

Anonymous - Marketing Strategist

100% money-back guarantee!

If you don’t find the session valuable, just let me know, and I’ll refund 100% of the cost.

Who am I?

  • I’m an Acquia-certified Drupal expert with over 16 years of professional development experience.
  • I’m a former Drupal Association employee who was responsible for improving and maintaining Drupal.org.
  • I’m a Drupal core contributor and maintain numerous Drupal projects, including the Override Node Options module, which is used on over 38,000 websites.
  • I’m a multiple-time DrupalCon speaker who regularly presents talks and workshops at conferences and meetups.

Availability is limited

I’m only available for a few pair programming sessions per month.

Scheduling is first come, first served, so the sooner you book your time slot, the sooner you will have the answers you need to move your project forward.