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Oliver’s approach to testing is a continual reminder of his commitment to delivering high-quality, bug-free, software.

Mike Karthauser - Senior Software Engineer Photo of Mike Karthauser

I am a big fan of your git approaches. I especially remember pairing with you and watching how many commands you run to solve many problems and how fast you were. It's a skill I believe not many have, particularly those who are used to working with a GUI like me, and personally I think it is quite valuable.

Marcos Duran - Senior Software Engineer Photo of Marcos Duran

I like the "$ git log -S" and "$ git log --grep" commands, will definitely be using these, thanks!

Stephen Mulvihill - Solutions Architect Photo of Stephen Mulvihill

Just wanted to say that your blog is amazing <3 I absolutely love it and usually share it with colleagues and some of the kids at my Code Club.

Thanks for contributing to the community with your amazing content! :)

Patty O'Callaghan - Tech Lead Photo of Patty O'Callaghan