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Why I like Drupal

As I said in yesterday’s email, I developed my first website project on Drupal. It allowed me to take a static HTML and CSS website and convert it into something that was much easier and quicker for me to update, and allowed me to create more users with permissions to do those tasks too.

I worked on various Drupal projects, and my first full-time job was on an in-house team where we maintained and enhanced a Drupal 6 website.

I’ve since used Drupal for projects of all shapes and sizes with different levels of complexity. Everything from a simple brochure website to large and complex, multilingual, API-driven projects.

I’ve been able to build eCommerce websites with Drupal using Ubercart and Drupal Commerce. I’ve built traditional stores where customers purchase physical products, a photography competition website with custom judging functionality, a site for purchasing commercial and residential property and land searches, and a fully-fledged events booking and management platform.

Whatever the size and complexity of the project, Drupal is flexible enough to fit it.

I’ve loved some of the ecosystem improvements within the last few years. Moving to object-orientated code by default, integrating code from other projects like Symfony, shipping new features every six months as part of the new release cycle, and embracing tools like Composer, PHPStan and Rector.

I also love being part of the Drupal community. Collaborating on tasks, speaking on Slack, and attending events like DrupalCon where I’ve been lucky enough to attend, speak and mentor.

Although Drupal is my specialty and the tool that I’ve used the most, I don’t use it exclusively. I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s email.

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