Mentoring with Drupal Career Online

Today, I met my new mentee from the Drupal Career Online program.

As well as mentoring at events like DrupalCamps and DrupalCons, I enjoy mentoring and working with new Developers going through bootcamps and training programmes like Drupal Career Online, some who are experienced Developers who are learning a new skill, and some who are learning how to code and are taking their first steps into programming.

I’ve talked about how I got started programming, but as self-taught Developer, it would have been great to have had a mentor to ask questions of, to help me get me started, and to make sure that I was going down the right track and learning the correct things.

Maybe this is more applicable these days with more people learning and working from home since COVID-19?

Similar to helping mentees at a contribution sprint work towards their first commits to Drupal, it’s great to be able to introduce new Developers to a open-source project and community such as Drupal, help develop their skills, and hopefully enable them to get the new job and career that they want.