Shortening the feedback loop even more

Yesterday’s email was about shortening the feedback loop of a CI pipeline by running some of the checks like PHPCS and PHPStan locally and dealing with any errors before they get pushed to the code repository.

What’s even better than writing and committing code and then waiting until just before pushing it to test it? Seeing the errors in real-time and being able to fix them immediately.

In my Neovim setup (I talked about this at the PHP London meetup recently), I have the Intelephense language server configured to add IDE-like features such as code completion, go-to definition, symbol renaming, etc.

I also have another plugin - null-ls.nvim - that adds errors from command-line tools to Neovim’s diagnostics list.

So, if I try to do something that would cause a PHPStan failure, such as using an unknown variable or missing a return type, I can see that and fix it immediately and not even wait for a Git hook to run.

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