Pull requests are great for open-source, but not for teams

Code review with pull and merge requests is great for open-source but not for development teams or soloists.

On an open-source project, the code changes are most likely being submitted by someone you don’t know and don’t work with regularly, so having a step to review the code prior to merging it and decide if you want to take on the responsibility of maintaining it is a big decision.

On a development team, you work closely with the person submitting the change request and you have a shared responsibility and ownership of the code being added. The person isn’t going to submit their change and not be seen again.

It takes time for code to be reviewed, which means it takes longer for the change to be released to users.

If you’re a soloist, are you going to submit a request for you to review your own code?

If you don’t need to do code review on your team, do you need to create feature or topic branches?

I’d suggest sticking to one canonical branch and doing trunk-based development instead.

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