What's the simplest test to begin with?

When giving talks and workshops or coaching on automated testing and test-driven development, some people may not have written tests before and aren’t familiar with the structure or know where to begin.

In the workshops I ran for DrupalCamp London and DrupalCamp NYC, I wanted to cover this first before writing any implementation code.

Where do you put a test class, and what does it contain?

How do you run the tests, and how can you make it pass or fail?

What we did

To start, we wrote a test for existing functionality within Drupal core - anonymous users can visit the front page.

This is the whole test:


namespace Drupal\Tests\my_module\Functional;

use Drupal\Tests\BrowserTestBase;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

class MyModuleTest extends BrowserTestBase {

  protected $defaultTheme = 'stark';

  /** @test */
  public function the_front_page_loads_for_anonymous_users() {



This is a test someone can write, run and see the test pass.

They can then experiment by changing the values to make the test fail in different ways.

What next?

Then, we tested anonymous users cannot access the administration pages, which is also already the case in Drupal core, and then authenticated users with the correct permissions could access them.

People were getting the idea by now, and we moved on to writing and testing some of our own code.

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