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One official Drupal development environment?

Yesterday, I read a post by Kevin Quillen titled ‘DDEV being considered as the “official” Drupal development environment’.

I’ve been a DDEV user, and I’ve also used most, if not all, of the other popular Drupal development environments.

These days, I use my own Docker Compose-based setup, but I feel having an official development environment would be an excellent move for the Drupal community and project - and for new Drupal users, evaluators and contributors in particular.

Anything that lowers the barrier to using or contributing to Drupal is a good thing and allows for more focused documentation and a simpler onboarding experience, similar to what other projects have - such as Laravel with Homestead, Valet and now, Sail.

Collaboration is key

Instead of multiple similar projects creating the same features and fixing the same issues, there could be an opportunity to collaborate or even combine projects and resources in the future.

But what about existing teams and projects?

If your company or team already uses another option, you can continue to use it.

If you have an existing solution, I don’t think it will be removed or abandoned in the near future.

But, for new Drupal users and teams, one official development environment would be a big plus.

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