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It depends

Usually, in software development, there isn’t always a definitive black-and-white answer to a question or situation.

Most of the time, the answer is “it depends”.

How you approach a problem depends on context.

How long do you have?

Are you working on the final version or a prototype or minimum-viable product?

Should you use a contributed module or write one yourself?

What if an existing module hasn’t been updated for some time or doesn’t have tests or other quality checks included?

Do you write custom CSS or use a framework like Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap?

Should this project be written in this framework or CMS, or would a different one be better suited?

Here’s the thing…

There are usually multiple approaches to achieve the same result.

Decisions will depend on a combination of various factors. In a different situation, the answer could be different.

This doesn’t make any solution outright wrong.

It was right given the situation.

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