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"Building Build Configs" at PHP South West

This evening, I’m presenting a lightning talk at the PHP South West meetup in Bristol.

The talk is ‘Building “Build Configs”’ - a Symfony command-line tool I wrote (based on TheAltF4Stream’s Rust version with the same name) that generates project-specific build configuration files.

Since creating it, I’ve used it for personal projects, projects for clients, and example projects on GitHub - such as my Docker Example Drupal project.

Having a set of standardised and configurable templates makes it much easier and quicker to start a new project, which I did when creating a Drupal Commerce Kickstart example at DrupalCon.

The slides are already online and I’ve created an example video where I go from nothing to a ready-to-work-on Drupal website in less than a minute!

If you have any questions, hit reply and let me know!

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