Drupal 8.5.0 Released

This week the latest minor version of Drupal 8, 8.5.0, was released.

This new version makes Media module available for all, improves migrations significantly, stabilizes the Content Moderation and Settings Tray modules, serves dynamic pages faster with BigPipe enabled by default, and introduces a new experimental entity layout user interface. The release includes several very important fixes for workflows of content translations and supports running on PHP 7.2.

I’ve been very impressed by the new release cycle Drupal 8 and the usage of semantic versioning. Though it adds a greater maintenance overhead for module, theme, installation profile and distribution developers to ensure that our projects are still working properly, having the ability to add new modules into Drupal core as well as new installation profiles like the Unami demonstration profile is pretty cool!

For example, in addition to Unami, 8.5 alone adds media in core, two experimental modules have been marked as stable, an experimental new layout builder has been added and lots of PHP 7.2 improvements have been committed to make 8.5 fully PHP 7.2 compatible.

I’m already looking forward to see what’s coming in 8.6 later this year!

For more information on the 8.5 release, see the blog post on Drupal.org.