DrupalCamp Bristol 2018 Statement

It’s with heavy hearts that we are announcing there won’t be a DrupalCamp Bristol 2018. The committee have looked at the amount of work required to put the camp on and the capacity we all have and the two numbers are irreconcilable.

Seeing Drupalists from all over the country and from overseas come to Bristol to share knowledge and ideas is something we take pride in. The past three camps have been fantastic, but as a trend we have left it later and later to organise.

This year is the latest we have left to organise and we believe this is because we are all a bit fatigued right now, so it seems like a good place to stop and take stock.

In our washup of last year’s camp we spoke a lot about what DrupalCamp is and who it is for. Traditionally we have tried to get a good mix of speakers from within the Drupal community and from the wider tech community. This does mean we dilute the ‘Drupal’ aspect of the camp, but the benefits it brings in terms of bringing together different views gives the camp greater value in our eyes.

It’s because of this mix of talks and wider shifts in the community in ‘getting us off the island’ that we have been thinking about rebranding to reflect the mix of talks that the camp hosts. The fact is DrupalCamps don’t just cover Drupal anymore. There is Symfony, Composer, OOP principles, React, etc.

We’ll take the gap this year to reevaluate who DrupalCamp Bristol is for and where it fits into the schedule of excellent tech events that take place in Bristol through the year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2019, refreshed and more enthusiastic than ever!

The DrupalCamp Bristol organising committee

Tom, Ollie, Emily, Sophie, Rob, Mark