Install and Configure the Nomensa Accessible Media Player in Drupal

This week I released the first version of the Nomensa Accessible Media Player module for Drupal 7. Here’s some instructions of how to install and configure it.

The official documentation for this module is now located at This post was accurate at the time of writing, whereas the documentation page will be kept up to date with any future changes.

Initial configuration

Download the Library

The library can be downloaded directly from GitHub, and should be placed within you sites/all/libraries/nomensa_amp directory.

drush dl libraries nomensa_amp
git clone sites/all/libraries/nomensa_amp
cd sites/all/libraries/nomensa_amp
rm -rf Accessible-media-player_2.0_documentation.pdf example/
drush en -y nomensa_amp

Configure the Module

Configure the module at admin/config/media/nomensa-amp and enable the players that you want to use.

Adding videos

Within your content add links to your videos. For example:


<a href="">Checking colour contrast</a>


<a href="">Screen readers are strange, when you're a stranger by Leonie Watson</a>

Adding captions

The best way that I can suggest to do this is to use a File field to upload your captions file:

  1. Add a File field to your content type;
  2. On your page upload the captions file.
  3. Right-click the uploaded file, copy the link location, and use this for the path to your captions file.

For example:

<a href="">Checking colour contrast</a> <a class="captions" href="">Captions for Checking Colour Contrast</a>