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Survey results from my DrupalCon Europe session (Test-Driven Drupal)

Warning: This post is over a year old. I don't always update old posts with new information, so some of this information may be out of date.

Here are the results from the session survey for my DrupalCon session (Test-Driven Drupal) on Drupal automated testing and test-driven development.

In December I gave a talk at DrupalCon Europe on automated testing and test-driven development in Drupal. At the end of each session, the attendees were shown a survey to complete and the results have just been released to the speakers.

Here are the results from my session, and I've included the screenshot of the graphs at the bottom of this post. I'd like to thank everyone who attended the session live, and those who left valuable feedback afterward.

If you want to see the slides and video for that session, click the link above to see the embedded slides and video.

Survey results

Attendance: 134

Did the session description accurately represent the content presented?

  • Yes - 96.8%
  • No - 3.2%

Total survey responses: 62

Overall, how would you rate this session?

  • 5 - 44.8%
  • 4 - 29.3%
  • 3 - 19%
  • 2 - 6.9%
  • 1 - 0%

Total survey responses: 58

How would you rate the speaker(s)'s mastery of this topic?

  • Excellent - 64.4%
  • Very good - 24.4%
  • Good - 11.1%
  • Fair - 0%
  • Poor - 0%

Total survey responses: 45

How would you rate the speaker(s)'s presentation skills?

  • Excellent - 46.8%
  • Very good - 31.9%
  • Good - 10.6%
  • Fair - 8.5%
  • Poor - 2.1%

Total survey responses: 47

How would you rate the speaker(s)’s slides and other session materials?

  • Excellent - 47.8%
  • Very good - 30.4%
  • Good - 15.2%
  • Fair - 6.5%
  • Poor - 0%

Total survey responses: 46

What changes could the speaker(s) have made for you to give it a higher rating?

  • A little more insights (e.g. on test environment setup)
  • Everything was perfect! Thank you :)
  • He ist to fast ;)
  • Just felt the end examples were rushed through slightly compared to the introduction at the start.
  • Less examples to more focus.
  • Nothing, was excellent
  • Not to shy and interact afterwards
  • Slower - too much content in too little time
  • Speak a little slower, especially when going through the example code
  • Yes

What did the speaker(s) do really well?

  • Broken down the steps into real clear examples
  • Clear, concise slides, minimal code (Which can be hard to read)
  • CodeBlocks
  • Covers all relevant topics.
  • End to end examples without just being a high level overview.
  • Examples
  • Good examples
  • Good preparation, Good speed
  • Good structured walkthrough
  • Great knowledge
  • Introduce the idea of TDD
  • Yes
  • You explained your workflow very clearly. You have a skill for making tricky concepts very clear. Thanks for a great talk.

Comments or questions? I'm @opdavies on Twitter.