Episode 11: Build something useful in one day with Mark Conroy

This week, Oliver is joined by Mark Conroy - Director of Development at Annertech - to discuss all things front-end and how to build something useful in one day.

Key points

  • Building better websites faster, including Drupal distributions, such as LocalGov.
  • What Drupal gives you out of the box and using the right tool for the job.
  • Drupal migrations and migrating Drupal configuration from a spreadsheet.
  • Saving time and improving efficiency by standardising base builds with Docksal and Composer.
  • How to build projects, like the Running Plan Generator, in a day and training for 10Ks and marathons.
  • Prioritising tasks.
  • Annertech's development workflow and standardisation by developing on remote servers.
  • Why you may not need preprocessors and complicated front-end build tools, and reducing complexity using vanilla CSS, JavaScript and web components.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry to contribute to open-source projects.
  • Building a design system/component library with web components.
  • The Content Access by Path module that was developed for Essex County Council.

About me

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I'm an Acquia-certified Drupal Triple Expert with 17 years of experience, an open-source software maintainer and Drupal core contributor, public speaker, live streamer, and host of the Beyond Blocks podcast.