I regularly speak at conferences and user groups about a range of subjects including Drupal, Sculpin and Git. If you would like to me to speak at your group or conference, please get in touch.

There is also information about events that I’ve attended and spoken at on my Lanyrd and profiles.

Date Talk Event
4th March, 2017 Test driven Drupal development with SimpleTest and PHPUnit DrupalCamp London 2017
4th March, 2017 Getting (Your Data) Into Drupal 8 DrupalCamp London 2017
8th February, 2017 It All Started With A Patch PHPSW
18th January, 2017 Getting (Your Data) Into Drupal 8 Drupal Bristol
17th November, 2016 Goodbye Drush Make. Hello Composer! Drupal Bristol
9th November, 2016 Modern Drupal Development with Composer PHPSW
23rd July, 2016 Drupal VM, Meet Symfony Console DrupalCamp Bristol 2016
11th June, 2016 Drupal 8: Rejoining the Herd PHP South Coast 2016
2nd April, 2016 Drupal VM Generator Drupal Bristol
8th March, 2016 Drupal VM Generator NWDUG
5th March, 2016 Getting Started with Drupal 8 Module Development DrupalCamp London 2016
14th October, 2015 Building Static Websites with Sculpin PHPSW
25th August, 2015 Dancing for Drupal umBristol (Bristol Umbraco user group)
25th July, 2015 Test Drive Twig with Sculpin DrupalCamp North 2015
8th April, 2015 Drupal 8 PHPSW
28th February, 2015 in 2015: What's Coming Next DrupalCamp London 2015
18th January, 2015 in 2015: What's Coming Next DrupalCamp Brighton 2015
19th August, 2014 About the Drupal Association SWDUG
2nd July, 2014 drush make drupalbristol Bristol Drupal
1st March, 2014 Never Commit to Master - An Introduction to Git Flow DrupalCamp London 2014
10th July, 2013 Drupal and the LDAP Module SWDUG
5th September, 2012 So, what is this Drupal thing? Unified Diff

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