Decoupling Drupal with Vue.js

Decoupled or headless Drupal has been a trend for a number of years, with modules like RESTful Web Services available for Drupal 7 to expose data, and Drupal 8 becoming more API-first with JSON:API module now included as part of core. This makes it easier for third party systems or alternative front-end applications to consume and work with the data provided by Drupal.

In this talk, we’ll look at how to build progressively and fully decoupled applications - passing data from a Drupal 8 back-end to a Vue.js front-end.

The demo code used in the talk is available on GitHub.



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I'm an Acquia-certified Drupal Triple Expert with 17 years of experience, an open-source software maintainer and Drupal core contributor, public speaker, live streamer, and host of the Beyond Blocks podcast.