Getting Started with Drupal 8 Module Development

New to object-orientated PHP, Symfony or YAML, and want to get started building modules in Drupal 8? This is the session for you!

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Where Drupal 8 modules are located, and how they are structured.
  • How to build a simple module, including our own permissions and routes.
  • How to add your own controller and service classes.
  • What is the service/dependency injection container, and how do we use it?
  • How we can use tools such as PhpStorm and Drupal Console to speed up the process.

What we won’t be covering:

  • Automated testing in PHPUnit or Simpletest.
  • Adding third party libraries and external dependencies via Composer.




  • DrupalCamp London 2016 in London, UK -

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