A month of daily emails

It’s already been a month since I started my email list and writing daily emails.

Since then, I’ve written emails on various development and workflow-based topics, including Drupal, Git, Docker, Neovim, Ansible and Tailwind CSS.

The first email was written on Thursday the 12th of August and after initially wondering whether I should start on the upcoming Monday, or how often to post, I decided to jump in with both feet and wrote the first daily post that day. The first few weren’t actually emailed as I waited to see if I could sustain writing a daily post (I was just posting them to my website), but after a few days, I set up the email list and started sending the posts.

I can confirm what Jonathan Stark and Jonathan Hall have said - that it’s easier to write daily and that you start to see topic ideas everywhere. I started with a list of between 20 and 25 ideas and still have most of them as I’ve pivoted on a day’s topic based on an article or tweet that I saw, some code that I’d written, or some approach that I took.

If you’re considering starting a daily email list, I’d recommend it.