• Turning Your Custom Drupal Module into a Feature

    20th May 2017

    Yesterday I was fixing a bug in an inherited Drupal 7 custom module, and I decided that I was going to add some tests to ensure that the bug was fixed and doesn’t get accidentially re-introduced in the future. The test though required me to have a particular content type and fields which are specific to this site, so weren’t present within the standard installation profile used to run tests.

    I decided to convert the custom module into a Feature so that the content type and it’s fields could be added to it, and therefore present on the testing site once the module is installed.

    To do this, I needed to expose the module to the Features API.

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  • DrupalCamp Bristol 2017 - Early Bird Tickets, Call for Sessions, Sponsors

    15th May 2017

    DrupalCamp Bristol 2017 logo

    In less than two months time, DrupalCamp Bristol will be back for our third year! (July seems to come around quicker each year). This is this year’s schedule and venues:

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  • Fixing Drupal SimpleTest issues inside Docker Containers

    5th May 2017

    I’ve been a Drupal VM user for a long time, but lately I’ve been using a combination Drupal VM and Docker for my local development environment. There were a couple of issues preventing me from completely switching to Docker - one of which being that when I tried running of my Simpletest tests, a lot of them would fail where they would pass when run within Drupal VM.

    Here’s an excerpt from my docker-compose.yml file:

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  • Nginx Redirects With Query String Arguments

    31st January 2017

    This is an example of how my Nginx configuration looked to redirect from an old domain to a new one, and also to redirect from the root domain to the canonical www subdomain.

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  • Easier Sculpin Commands with Composer and NPM Scripts

    7th January 2017

    In this video, I show you how I've simplied my Sculpin and Gulp workflow using custom Composer and NPM scripts.

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  • Drupal VM Generator 2.9.1 Released

    30th December 2016

    I spent some time yesterday working on the Drupal VM Generator, and have released versions 2.8.1, 2.9.0 and 2.9.1.

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  • Building Gmail Filters with PHP

    15th July 2016

    Earlier this week I wrote a small PHP library called GmailFilterBuilder that allows you to write Gmail filters in PHP and export them to XML. I was already aware of a Ruby library called gmail-britta that does the same thing, but a) I’m not that familiar with Ruby so the syntax …

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  • Simplifying Drupal Migrations with xautoload

    3rd May 2016

    How to use the xautoload module to autoload migration classes within your Drupal 7 migration modules.

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  • Announcing the Drupal VM Generator

    15th February 2016

    For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a personal side project, based on Drupal VM. It’s called the Drupal VM Generator, and over the weekend I’ve added the final features and fixed the remaining issues, and tagged the 1.0.0 release.

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  • Programmatically Load an Entityform in Drupal 7

    22nd December 2015

    I recently had my first experience using the Entityform module in a project. It was quite easy to configure with different form types, but then I needed to embed the form into an overlay. I was expecting to use the drupal_get_form() function and render it, but this didn’t work.

    Here are the steps that I took to be able to load, render and embed the form.

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